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Due to COVID 19 and the escalating, unknown and uncertain future of our planned activities, it is with much reflection and guidance that we regret to inform you we will be rescheduling our UK/Eire tour to 2021. (Actual dates to be confirmed once we know more, and this may take a few months.)

So all scheduled UK / Eire personal consultations, workshops and classes are now also postponed until 2021 too.

This is an unprecedented period in the airline and travel industry but with your support, we are confident that we will be back and welcoming you again on the Mystics journey and all the magic this will bring soon.

Dellaina / Almora are still available for personal zoom consultations anywhere in the world. In the meanwhile, please stay safe.

Sincerely and with Love
– Dellaina Ihaia and Almora Tour team
Directors Almora Unlimited Mystical Tours

Welcome – Haere Mai!

Greetings to you dear visitor – Haere Mai ehoa.  
We warmly welcome you to our mystical magical website!

At magical Mystical Tours we bring a new and expanded balance of life experiences from past and present connections, between our beautiful Earth and the forever expanding secrets of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Offering you a unique opportunity for self-discovery, transformation, and expansion. Meeting like-minded souls and forging lifelong friendships. Visiting some of the world’s most mystical and magical sacred places. We facilitate the teachings of many ancient spiritual traditions and unlock many of their secrets through the use of ceremonies and healing practices.

Combining our spiritual and indigenous heritages. We offer our love and wisdom, as a link for your own connection to our beautiful earth,  the expansive universes, and beyond.  Accessing your true essence, the Divine wisdom that lives within us all.

We can also tailor-make a journey or retreat for small groups (up to 12 ) or for you individually.
Please contact us with your query.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Tour Leaders
    • Together we have travelled to over 38 countries and have 72 years of travel experience between us. Dellaina also worked for 15 years in the travel industry in Europe and New Zealand.
  2. World Class Service
    • We are very proud to say the most common feedback from all our clients is that the experience with us was life changing.
  3. Best Price Guarantee
    • With no hidden extras we offer a premium quality inclusive experience.

About Sacred sites and Us

Since the dawning of time, sacred sites have had a mysterious calling to people all around the world. Legends and people tell of extraordinary experiences they have had while visiting these places. Different sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart.

What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power?
Come with us and find out.

Egypt Tour 2018 Testimonials

It was an incredible tour that took me to a new deeper, wiser integration of myself. Everything was excellent! I appreciate your work from the bottom of my heart.
Anne Caldwell, nurse Specialist Christchurch NZ

A lot of the journey was pre tour as there was much to do and fears to overcome. The tour itself was amazing, as I came with an open heart and mind. Everyday unfolded like a magic Aladdin’s cave, so much to experience. Much fun and laughter had by all. Excellent!
Virginia, Health practitioner Christchurch NZ
Words cannot describe, by taking this spiritual pilgrimage I have come home to myself. I have been reminded to dedicate my life to service with love. Thank you so much for an amazing jouney, from my heart to yours an unforgettable life changing jouney.
Nicki Tasker, Accounts Manager Christchurch NZ
I have a better understanding of myself. Connecting to a higher level of spirit and Egypt on a personal level and fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting Egypt. Being on the water with the breeze on the cruise and seeing the stunning landscapes and temples nested within. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Almora Unlimited and our group; you have done a superb job.
Tracey Stevenson, Business owner Darfield NZ
I am not the person I was 2 weeks ago when I left!
I enjoyed everything, the camel ride, the Sphinx, chanting in the queen’s chamber at dawn on our private visits. The high energy of our group enabled us to cope with the very full schedule. I would go to the moon with you all! A humbling experience never forgotten.
Gail Taylor, Artist healing practitioner Auckland NZ
Love the Nile cruise, early morning visit to the Sphinx and Pyramids, camel rides and tea in the desert. Almora’s teachings and guidance made a lot of sense and were put across with a lot of love and compassion. All in all it was absolutely amazing!
A life changing experience. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
Sarah Manson, Retail shop owner Golden Bay NZ
“When Almora said that none of us would be the same after this trip, I never thought for a moment that this would apply to me – but only to those who were more enlightened! Oh ye of little faith!! Because following this, I went through HUGE life changes, which had already begun but which were accelerated by the experiences I had on this journey of magical discovery and inspiration!”
I have an increased awareness of the deeply spiritual significance of life in ancient Egypt.
Rituals and ceremonies practise openly then, and sometimes now. A great feeling of expansion and a deep love for this country and her people.  All the early private temple visits were Fabulous!
Anne Leonie, Orb Photographer and teacher Glastonbury UK

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