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An adventure of self-discovery awaits you at one of the world’s most powerful sacred sites. Where will your journey take you?

Almora Mystical Tours specialises in sacred site tours to give rewarding and meaningful travel experiences. In our journeys we integrate the joy of exploring some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world with respect for ancient wisdom traditions.

Our itineraries draw on our years of experience and local knowledge. We are committed to small groups to allow plenty of opportunities for personal transformation and spiritual growth, while visiting the world’s important sacred sites. You’ll meet local experts to learn from their invaluable wisdom and knowledge.

Through guided energy work, wisdom teachings, healing practices and daily discussions, you will learn as much about yourself as you do about the country and culture you visit.

Over the years the most common feedback from participants is that the experience with us was life changing.

Tour Leaders

Teacher, Channel, Visionary therapist, and Contributing author in the best selling “Adventures In Manifesting” series.

I come from a small island off the coast of France (Jersey) and have been in New Zealand since 1994. There were a lot of visitations from spirit in the old Victorian house which I grew up in. This experience presented me with many questions at a young age. These questions motivated my search for the meaning of life, death and beyond.

I realised that the basic scientific or religious explanations of my experiences posed even more questions and so began my quest to find out more.

Early in my travels in 1988, I had a life transforming experience in Egypt in a tomb where Almora appeared to me as Neb Het Aat (an Egyptian high priest from his previous incarnation) and showed me a powerful vision of a past incarnation in Egypt where I had made an agreement to be of service. This opened my eyes and my life path unfolded before me.

I have trained in many healing modalities over the last 25 years, including Astrology, Past-life therapy, Divination, Crystal healing, Seichem healing and Shamanism.
My focus now is being the co-facilitator for Almora and our sacred work into which I integrate all my acquired skills.. It is a great privilege to do this work, I am humbled and appreciate these gifts every day.

Growing up in an ancient place like Jersey, gave me the inspiration and freedom to visit many ancient sites very close by, even as a young girl. Some of the standing stones and dolmens are just as old some older than Stonehenge. Many are at the foot of a wind swept cliff or in a grassy woodland not easily accessible, and so often I had the luxury of them all to myself.

I often felt the songs and presence of the ancient ones who had once lived here.

Dellaina at La Couperon dolmen and sacred tree

Le Couperon is about an eight metres long capstoned chamber that a long mound had originally covered. It was surrounded by a ring of eighteen outer stones, known as peristaliths. Le Couperon is ca.5000-year-old Neolithic dolmen.

I did not know it at the time but I was being called to these High energy, Healing, and Powerful sites. All I really knew was it felt good and often I returned refreshed, peaceful and with insights about what was happening in my life and the ways forward.

Since the 1980’s now older and hopefully a little wiser I began exploring more sites with more of an intention of discovery or opening to their secrets. This took me to Europe, Egypt and other parts of the world. While in a tomb I had a life changing experience which you can read more about here. 

I had often seen myself dressed and looking differently, as if watching old movies playing excerpt of myself from ages long past. I had began training into past-life therapy and was fascinated by some of the revelations I had about people and myself on my life.

My first job was in a travel agency in Jersey Channel Island. I continued my career as a stewardess on ships, work at airports in the Uk and Jersey as handling and ground crew and then moved into business travel, working with large corporate companies.
In my spare time I studied metaphysics and trained in many healing modalities as well as making my own spiritual link with a teacher who now resides in spirit.
I have since the late nineties, set up a few small healing centres and now combine my love of spiritual development with travel.


My most recent ancestors Ngai Tahu travelled across the oceans to get to Aotearoa.

From a very early age I have felt the call of Tangaroa (the Ocean). I went to sea at 17 as a merchant seaman.

I have crossed oceans, lands, mountains, lakes and air paths on my quest for life.
Te Mana O te Moana was a pivotal journey sailing on a “Haunui” to Turtle Island – North America.
You can read more about this here

The journeys are as internal as they are external. “Becoming the New Human” through living ancient knowledge and wisdom.

The depth and breadth to my life, the connectedness to the entire universe, is threaded, sewn into every step, every breath, of ALL the travels I do.

Aio, Aroha (Peace, Love)
Ti hei Mauri Ora (We share the breath of life)

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