Lemurian Labyrinth of Light retreat groupWelcome to our beautiful new look newsletter, and brand new website released to day how exciting, all this new energy!

We have just returned from Kaikoura and the most amazing event we have hosted to date.
We spent three days in beautiful ancient Lemuria, uncovering one of the original golden temples which we were granted entry to.
What has unfolded has been truly magnificent.

Although as a physical place (Kaikoura) we have been many times, we have never had access to these incredible places until now, what an honor. To see, experience and share these multi dimensional worlds was truly inspiring,and enlightening. The portals although always present, do not lightly grant entry.
There has been many years of preparation, for us all to be able to move through these worlds safely with love.

We cannot thank enough the ancestors, star people, guardians and sea creatures and Masters. That danced, sang and shared their love and wisdom. Through our hearts, and spirits they transformed us all to another place. We are all still not quite back from where we have been yet, and not entirely sure where that place has even been!
We also thank the wonderful group that joined us, especially those we travelled from the North island, old souls re-connecting.


On another note, we have had an update on Sphinx who is still in the animal hospital, and has been there for nearly three weeks.
Thank you so much everyone for all your love, prayers, cards and special messages to our special master, friend and companion.
We are hoping to have him home this weekend, yet it is still a long road to his recovery. They are saying about three months as he cannot stand up properly yet.
Although he is very ready to come home, we have visited him regularly.

With this in mind we have decided to postpone our move to Auckland, until after our trip to Europe in June. We cannot confirm a date as yet, but we estimate it will be around August. When we have confirmed his progress upon our return we will let you all know.
This means Dellaina and Almora will be available for more appointments in May and early June. We are quite full already now though, with so many requests for sessions. Please book early as I am only able to see so many people in a week or a day!
We will also probably be hosting another evening or workshop in Christchurch, in late May dates and information to be confirmed.

Exciting News Almora’s first affirmation cards now ready

We are very excited to launch Almora’s first affirmation cards for sale. We have been asked over the years and now we have them available for you all. We are also proud to say that they are New Zealand made and printed, supporting local business and fair trade.

Almora's Affirmation CardsThere are 79 cards in the box. In numerology this adds up to 7 a power number to many things.
You can use them each day for clarity, for a mantra or just for some daily inspiration.Take three breaths shuffle and take one or as many as you are drawn to. Handy business card size to keep in your car, office or space at home.

We also need your help to spread Almora’s inspiration. Do you have place of business that you could display them for us? We would much appreciate it.

Investment is $24.95 per pack.
Or special $40.00 for two packs up until April 20.
Please see our shop page to order online. www.almora.nz/shop

Thank you all beautiful people for sharing this amazing journey with us. May your light keep shining, and your heart keep loving.

Love and blessings,
Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx