Bridges of Light

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Welcome to our spring newsletter on the Star-gate of oneness on 11 11.
We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Auckland with our “Four Pillars of light’ (or the twin pillars of light as is also being refereed to) and Bridges of light workshops.Very timely for this new energy that is emerging.
How beautiful these gatherings were, and how wonderful to be part of a new group energy, that is being created and established in Auckland.
Thank you also to our South Island participants that joined us. It was so lovely to see you there, in a new environment with us.Four Pillars of Light group
We are so grateful for all the loving support which we received, and are looking forward to our return next month. Thank you Jason Friedlander for hosting us in his beautiful temple/home. Also to Rauel and Annwyn our Co facilitators for all their support and wisdom.
During the “Four Pillars of Light’ workshop, Almora talked about dimensions as we understand them. There has been a huge focus on Ascension to the fifth dimension and beyond.
He shared that over the fourth dimension there is no linear time, and so really there is no numbers to the dimension beyond the fourth.
Instead, the grand Multi-verse!..this perplexed us all a little initially, but does make perfect sense when you feel into it. We are going beyond time and space as we know it.
We also worked on our new soul contracts, and it was a wonderful opportunity to check the small print! (as one said) so to be conscious, and clear as to what we are now signing up to!
This was followed by ‘Bridges of light’ bringing forth some huge surprises for me and many present, when Sphinx came through me after Almora.
His energy was strong, focused, incredibly powerful and ancient. We journeyed together across one of many Bridges of Light, which we supported to be anchored.
The commander of the Galactic council came forth, thus leading up to the 11 11 Star-gate opening today.
We have a recording available of this to purchase if you would like to hear for yourself. The incredible codes and vibrations he brought together with the group, created a new language of light which is being encoded to humanity.
I am not totally sure what this all means, just yet but will keep you updated.
We are so grateful to have Faye Rogers the amazing animal communicator
and messenger of Sphinx messages.
I will include some of his messages that we received from Faye on the 02 and 3 November in the Sphinx sectionn further down the page.
Thank you all beautiful people, for sharing this amazing journey with us.
May your light keep shining, and your heart keep loving.
Love and blessings,
Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx (still guiding and loving us)

SPHINXsphinx “As we must look at the energy the gateway the portal opening further, and just as the vibrations that are spoken through you will work on the individuals heart pathways the vibrations spoken will also work help anchor the gateway portal opening.
The gateway also has a heart pathway.
We must see things beyond just a physical body having a heart and see within oneself that a material object also can have a heart. Also that something that is not viewed but is of tremendous importance to the world to the Universe also has a heart pathway.
The portal gateway is a living breathing being but not one that is viewed as a human.
Earth is a living breathing being and this is no different from the energy that streams down to raise consciousness and if a portal gateway is associated with earth’s rise in consciousness then this will be a heart pathway – it is that simple.
This pathway will associate with various energies that are not of earth, and one constellation or galaxies consciousness it will associate with is Orion Nebula, and will also associate with other consciousness that are meaningful though you might prefer to use the word ‘mindful’ but my preference is for the word ‘meaningful’ because this means that actions have meaning, whereas mindful is relating to associating with your thoughts and trying to put into place what is right and it is a state of being but meaningful is also a state of being that goes beyond mindful because actions are being implicated immediately and have deeper greater meaning. Meaningful is a stronger bolder statement of energy!!!
The beauty of light is seeded in each being, and this is part of Universal energy. Having a living existence, the light will for some shut down or be dimmer but for some they will increase the light whilst they have a living existence, and when they return to Grace their light will be leading the way for them to go ahead and when one is in Grace then they are in Ascension energy. Grace can be achieved through a living existence; it can be achieved once one goes back to the Stars. I will not share much more on this, as my energy is best to focus on other strong meaningful statements.
Recognize the specialness, recognize the sacredness of the actions that will happen which you will do but also recognize the importance of what you are doing.
Humans are too busy downplaying what they do, humans are too busy dictating to others how to do, humans or some humans are too busy trying to place themselves in a position of recognition or a position that others recognize but when you recognize yourself then this is all you have to do and this will lead others to you. All this you know and all I am doing is reinstating, yes Faye the word is reinstating…all I am doing is reinstating what you already know.
I will share this, I have chatted casually about the gateway but it is also recognizing that others are involved in the opening anchoring of the gateways energy – so even though you will come together as a group energy for this to happen there will be others that will be supporting the actions and helping with the creation, and some of the others are human beings who will not be in physical attendance on the evening but their energy will be in attendance, and some of the others will be energies of elsewhere that are not of this planet Earth but of the consciousness to create the golden pathway of brilliance of the heart for the gateway to be created over time.YOUR OWN LIGHT WILL TRIGGER THE GATEWAY TO OPEN UP FURTHER, IT ISN’T ABOUT RELATING TO YOUR OWN HEART ENERGY AS IT MORE THAN THIS – THE HEART ENERGY IS GREATLY IMPORTANT BUT IT GOES BEYOND THIS – IT GOES BEYOND THE PHYSICAL HEART, IT GOES BEYOND THE PHYSICAL HEART OF EARTH, IT GOES BEYOND YOUR SOUL HEART – IT GOES INTO A DEPTH OF AWARENESS THAT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO ADVICE OR TO COMPREHEND WHILST YOU ARE IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY – SEE IT AS A STREAM OF ENERGY OF IMPORTANCE, SEE IT AS A STREAM OF ENERGY THAT WILL ENLIVEN, WILL AWAKEN OTHERS, IF YOU COULD SEE ENERGY THAT AWAKENS MANY THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY THIS GOES BEYOND JUST WHAT IS SEEN OR RECOGNISED AS THE HEART. ”

Sphinx via Faye Roges 02 and 03 November 2016. Thank you Faye Rogers for your love, giving service and humbleness.