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As I expand and become more open, so too does life present me with an expanded choice of wonderful possibilities.
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1 x Soul Food evening $44.00. Please note the date of the session.
12 x  Soul Food Subscribe yearly $336.00 Save $192.00 x 4 free

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Soul Food – Monthly Wisdom, Guidance and Support with Almora (2021 dates)

To support us navigating and integrating the energies that we are receiving everyday on our planet.

Different themes each month that is current to our process.

Venue: Via Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary, Christchurch New Zealand
Time: 7.30 – 9.30 pm NZDT
Dates: Tuesdays every second, monthly – 12 Jan, 09 February, 09 March, 13 April, 11 May, 08 June, 13 July, 10 August, 14 September, 12 October, 09 November, 14 December
Investment: One off $44.00 (includes recording) Yearly subscription only $28.00 per session

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Date: Thursdays February 18, March 4 & 18, April 01 & 15 NZDT
Time: 7.30 pm – 9 pm NZDT
Investment: $650.00 early bird full payment by 14 January 2021.
Or $150.00 deposit and four instalments of $150.00 paid by 30 March 2021 $750.00

Internet Banking

Account Name: Dellaina Hascha T/A Almora
Account Number: 12-3482-0040120-00

Note: Please your name and name of class as reference.

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‘A Spirited Business’ with Almora and Dellaina

All of us have a special gift and life purpose, but not all of us know what that is. Or how to turn the calling into a real-life vocation.

This course has been created to support those looking for or answering their calling in a tangible and measurable way.

Or, for those wanting to take their gifts/ business to the next level.

This is a very special opportunity and invitation to fly into 2021 with passion, direction and clarity!

Join us for an inspirational, insightful, creative, and exciting learning experience.

A life-changing opportunity, in self-mastery and joyful discoveries! All welcome.

Course content includes structured teaching on finding, creating, directing, focusing and creating, your inspiration into reality.

There will be teaching, exercise, and time for questions.

What’s included :

  • x 4 Manuals on 4 subjects
  • x 4 fortnightly zoom Teachings, guided meditations and path workings
  • x 4 Session recordings
  • x 4 Weekly email check-in inspiration, motivation and Almora affirmations.
  • x 1 Q and A completion exercise with Almora
  • x 10 weeks of daily support from the Almora team in spirit
  • X 1 completion evening 5 sessions.
Due to COVID 19 and the escalating, unknown and uncertain future of our planned activities, it is with much reflection and guidance that we regret to inform you we will be rescheduling our UK/Eire tour to 2021. (Actual dates to be confirmed once we know more, and this may take a few months.)

So all scheduled UK / Eire personal consultations, workshops and classes are now also postponed until 2021 too.

This is an unprecedented period in the airline and travel industry but with your support, we are confident that we will be back and welcoming you again on the Mystics journey and all the magic this will bring soon.

Dellaina / Almora are still available for personal zoom consultations anywhere in the world. In the meanwhile, please stay safe.

Sincerely and with Love
– Dellaina Ihaia and Almora Tour team
Directors Almora Unlimited Mystical Tours

Ancient Journey of the Mystic

Unlock the Master within, transform your outer world

Sacred Sites pilgrimage to Britain and Ireland July 2021 with the Almora team.

Tour Highlights:
A magical and mystical tour connecting you to the ancient Celtic energy, present in the spiritual realms of Ireland and the UK. Dance with the Elementals in Glastonbury. Explore the Arthurian legends and the Knights of the Round Table. Discover the incredible teachings of Mary Magdalene. Revere the energy in Merlin’s Cave and bathe in the magic in St Nectars Glen.
Travel to Camelot. Learn Earth Magic and develop the ability to read omens while staying in Land of the Faye – Ireland.

14 days of Faeries, Legends and History – this is a Sacred tour not to be missed.
Limited to 12 spaces. 

More information coming soon.

 Auckland Playshop

Such an expansion of spiritual understanding and love, vision and grace.
The feeling of rightness and positive vision of service to the light in the oneness of love.
An amazing example of love in all its purity.
Valmae Sutton 

Lemurian Labyrinth of Light

Very powerful course, i have achieved so much. Structure and music was awesome a lot filled in a short amount of time. Thanks again for all your course and retreats over the years. They have good structure between self help and spiritual endeavour.
Jason Green, Christchurch

We were a family come together and harmonious as such.
There was gaining of so much clarity, purity , reconnection remembrance. The veils all fell and I can feel everything again. This was the best retreat ever! I am changed my deepest love and gratitude
Robyn Speed, Christchurch

Four Pillars of Light

I have clarity and a deep understanding of what i must do.
I continue my journey to trust deeply to know that the answers have always been within. Forgiveness has released me to live a life a knew. Thank you
Jason Friedlander, Auckland

I have gained deeper insight and undesnading of the qualities required to live, engage and enjoy, love, peace and truth. To see and feel and understand the vastness of who we are I would like to thank with deep gratitude Dellaina for her deep participation with this work with Almora. The food, hosts, location, the knowledge and everything was perfect thank you.
 Amanda Kraft, Auckland

Almora Channelling night March 2016

Last night was lovely. I really enjoyed the Meditation/visualisation/journey. I danced with creation in all its forms. I connected with friends of light and re-connected to my purpose to share the light. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated – which is just what I came for. As we release we become lighter. As we become lighter we go higher. The energy created and built over the course of the evening was palpable. Sacred space is a rare thing these days – but so needed. Nourishment for the soul. Thank you once again!
Simon, Health Professional Christchurch

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