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As I expand and become more open, so too does life present me with an expanded choice of wonderful possibilities.


Date: Saturday 17 October
Time: 09 30am – 12 30pm
Venue: Almora’s Sanctuary, 809 Eastern Terrace, Beckenham
Investment: $85.00 early bird by 30 September or $95.00 there after

Event includes:
Meditation / Inner path working journeys, healing transmissions and downloads, with Almora and the Almora unlimited team, who are Infinite Love.
Creative materials, and a delicious healthy morning tea. Come and join us!
Bookings Essential and close 3 days prior if not already full.
Please register by phone: 0064 3 329 3035 or email


Transforming the Shadow – Reprogram the Subconscious

It is time to live your most inspired, creative, abundant, passionate, happy and loving, healthy life! No matter how much we work on our spiritual and self development, lurking beneath is the dragon.

Or = Our unconscious programming.

Which is just about always negative, critical, judgmental and righteous.
This can lead to:
At worst addictions such as:
Over working, shopping, overeating, overspending, alcohol.

Trying to fill that void.

This can also be that when we get to a point in our lives, where we are ready to fly. Sabotaging opportunities, or chances of love, happiness, abundance, or loving relationships, and our ultimate fulfillment.

Or can just be a lack of self belief, and self love.

The conscious mind says ‘I can, I will’
The unconscious says ‘No you cant !’So a battle ensues.

This morning we create a loving and supportive environment, held with the love and light of Almora.
To take us deep into these parts of ourselves, re-writing our own history, straight to the programming.
Uncovering the true light, power of our true essence.
This is powerful, life changing.

For it is about the energy transmissions, which creates the transformations to fully happen.

This is not an online event.

We are limiting this to 10 people, to ensure a confidential and intimate setting. Almora will bring an unlimited, loving, powerful, vortex of energy, to assist and support alignment, for your life’s journey.

Dates: Thursdays 06 / 20 August, 3/ 17 September and 01 October
Investment: $495.00 early bird paid in full by Thursday 02 July
OR: $95.00 deposit and four installments of $125.00, at a full cost of $595.00

NOTE: Only open to Power To Create students who have participated in at least part one or two. Please register your interest. Limited to 10 participants.

Your Power To Create (Part 3)

Aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit.

On this journey we begin to ask the question, what is my gift to life? When I am living, being and giving from this place, my senses are aligned I feel alive, I feel love, there is nothing more I need? Yet how do I stay open and present when I feel the pulling of the energy bodies moving in different directions? Or when the lower limited self is insecure and fearful and things begin to shut down as a result.

Doorway to the Universe alignment.

These energy vibrations are extremely powerful and are now becoming much more intensely felt. So it is important for you all to learn how to see embrace, transform and harness conflict. It can move day-by-day, hour-by-hour, for this is a time of rapid change. On this first week’s journey, we invite you to deepen your awareness and to become clear in how to embrace what is presented to you by working with this in practical day-to-day ways of living.

For remember you are in a physical form and having a human experience! This week, we explore ways for you to stay deeply grounded and rooted in this earthly present, and how that provides the foundation to stay strong and empowered while you move through and integrate this collaboration of energies. It will be a unique experience for you all. Many of you have already begun this journey and are taking action steps to accommodate, embrace and live with the fluctuations of what this means for you. Others are struggling as you find the sand constantly moving under your feet! Yet now, it’s about to move to another level – the level of mastery and living from your God-self.

Whats included :

x 4 Manuals on 4 subjects
x 4 fortnightly zoom Teachings, guided meditations and path workings
x 4 Session recordings
x 4 Weekly email check in inspiration, motivation and Almora affirmations.
x 1 Q and A completion exercise with Almora
x 8 weeks of daily support from the Almora team in spirit
X 1 completion evening 5 sessions

Come with us on a journey to feel the power within you to create, expand and grow in this great adventure called LIFE here now! We are preparing to set sail, let’s travel the tropical breezes of life and smell the fragrances of love and sharing together. We welcome your participation and learning together!

Dates: Saturday 8 August
Time: 4.00 – 5.30 pm
$44 a session
Venue: Zoom link up

Via zoom link up anywhere in the world from New Zealand
Contact us for a booking. 

Payment via Almora online account

Stargate New Human Re-calibration

Entering The Lion’s Gateway

When we begin to collaborate and focus the new energy of unity and ‘Oneness’ for the common goal of collective intent everyone and everything benefits.

Leo is also about royalty, and so this alignment can be seen as awakening our royal codes, which are available to us all if we are open and willing to respond..

Now we enter the Portal of the two Sphinx.

For in the ancient times there were two Sphinxes
One representing the gateways of the past, and one of the future.
As we travel between these two worlds, where space and time meet, we meet new and ancient parts of our Divine and infinite nature.
Gifting us expanded vision, clarity, power, wisdom and vitality of our journey ahead.

Session includes teachings, powerful energy transmissions and activation with Almora, the Sphinxes and Syrian councils of light.

Receive expanded vision, purpose and energy for your life.

Come and join us! From anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home via Zoom link up

Ascension of the Masters Winter Solstice/Matariki Retreat

Kura Tawhiti Castle Hill

If you are a spiritual teacher, light worker, healer or transformative life coach. Ready to expand and deepen your leadership skills, open your heart more fully and move to the next sphere of light, then this weekend is for you!

On this retreat, Almora and the masters will continue to teach us tools of ancient rituals. As we journey deeper, we will be joined by light beings from Lemuria and have a special focus on the Pleiades star cluster – Matariki in Maori – signifying the beginning of the new year and time of the Matariki festival, celebrated by many of the indigenous people of this land. Ihaia is a descent of the Waitaha people and is deeply connected to this sacred place. Kura Tawhiti (University of the Stars) was the training place and universal portal, of his ancestors’ spiritual elders.

By harnessing this power through our mind, body and spirit, we will raise and direct this energy into our ever changing life and spiritual work.

Dates and Times (approx): Friday 19 June 3pm 2020 – Sunday 21 June 3pm
Investment: $595.00 early bird full payment by 19 April 2020
Or $695.00 Full fee
Fully inclusive of: Workshop fee, facilitation by Almora, Dellaina and Ihaia.
All materials and manuals to keep, two nights shared accommodation (subject to availability).
Excellent delicious healthy vegetarian food is included, on all our retreats. Also fresh fruit and herbal teas.

Date and Time: 09 April 2020, 7.30 – 9.00pm via Zoom link up
Cost: $30.00 (includes recording)

Please let us know if your experiencing hardship and would still like to attend.

Soul Food Guides & Angels

Channelling, healing meditation, guidance, and transmissions from the Almora team.

“I am a crystal clear sphere of light and I can see clearly the way forward – Almora “

We are all being called to service for our community and planet, more now than ever before.
Yet in order to serve, we must also nourish and serve and replenish. Not only for maintaining but expanding and focusing our energies.

What is calling you? and what support do you need?
Who are your guides and angels now? They change as we do.

What does the year 2020 have in store for us personally, globally and universally?
What is our spirit and our humanness guiding us towards?

This is the year of grounding the last point of the pyramid (4) which brings a shaft of light to the top point, opening to the stellar gateways. This, in turn, brings a deeper connection with our galactic families and opens us to receive new ones.

It also opens another stellar gateway in the star seed, of the pineal gland.
Expanding and enhancing our third eye of visions, clarity and centeredness. Opportunities for.

  • Forgiveness in its purity
  • Expanded vision freedom, opportunities and choices.
  • Raising energies to collective mastery.
  • Clearer communication with galactic guides and teachers
  • More loving and compassionate relationship with Mother Gaia and
    all who dwell on her
  • To live and be our magnificence.
  • Fulfilment and purpose
  • Peace and wellness

We are also again reminded of where in our lives, we keep separate. More opportunities (if needed) for the transformation of past wounds of our ancestral or family karma, that we may have inherited and are unconscious about. Or have been unable to release.

To raise one’s energy doesn’t mean we are free of challenges, rather teaches us to strengthen our resolve, for compassionate responses and resolution.

Almora will bring an unlimited, loving, powerful, vortex of energy, to assist and support alignment, and encouragement in preparation for your life’s journey for the year ahead.

Come and join us with light-minded souls for a journey of awakening, remembering and allowing!

Evenings include meditation/pathworking journeys, healing with Almora and the Almora unlimited team.

Date and Time: 04 April 2020, 4 – 5.30pm (NZDT)
Venue: Zoom link “Almora’s Sanctuary”
Investment: $30.00 (usually $44.00, includes recording) 
Reduced special price for these times. 

The Wheel Of Four-tune

4 day 4 month (2020 ) = 4 at 4pm. Healing, channelling activations and teachings with the Almora team.

On this powerful day 4 day fourth the fourth month and 4 (2020 in numerology breaks down to 4) and at 4pm an auspicious event is taking place… Astrologically placement, Numerology, and with the Divine tool of the Tarot.

Opportunity knocks and we meet…The Wheel of Four – (4) tune.

The Tarot is pictorial images of Divine energy, and when you step across the threshold of doorways..a hidden inner landscape is revealed.

The Wheel of Four(4)- tune is an indicator of luck or destiny and it is a Major Arcana signifier of change. … The upright Wheel of Fortune signals that the universe is working in your favour to help you reach your goals.

The number 4 symbolizes security and stability, so we focus on building a solid foundation, for you and your loved ones. The number 4 meaning can also be an indication that you need to develop your skills and learn new things for your life’s work.

The number 4 represents the ability to focus your energy, in a practical and productive way, bringing successful completion, of that is undertaken.

If this work is your life’s work, and what you most want to do, your life work is progressing exactly on schedule.
Your ambitions are built on a foundation, of ability and experience necessary, to bring about the life you desire.

Therefore, the number 4 is a desirable number, representing completion, competence, security and positive outcomes.

There is also an incredible opportunity for growth and abundance too.

The major alignment taking place on 4 April is the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. This is one of the most significant alignments to take place in 2020.

The last time these two planets came together was about 13 years ago, and they will be shining a spotlight on the economy and our finances.

While the economy may be highlighted on a global level, on a personal level, Jupiter and Pluto can create new opportunities for abundance.

This planetary energy encourages us to seek new ideas and to connect with abundance in a new and deeper way.
Use this alignment to invite abundance into your life and to start recognizing the abundance that is always around you. Use this energy to see the doors that are opening, rather than the ones that are closing.

Come and join us in exploring your own unique inner landscapes
And revealed new wisdom, power and adventures to be explored and shared.

* Exploring Astrological, numerological and divine energy.
* Activation / Transmission from the Almora team
• Inner Meditation guided journeys
• Self reflection and awakenings
• Improve and heighten intuitive abilities
• Exercises to see yourself through a new fresh perspective
• Left and right brain activities to bring balance to Intuition and logic.

Free Planetary Healing Meditations

Friday 28 March – Thursday 02 April daily 11.11am. Join us on Facebook Live or you can replay.

Seven themes for healing, based on the seven rays

  1. Friday – white, Purification.
  2. Saturday – Violet, transmutation.
  3. Sunday – yellow, illumination.
  4. Monday – Sapphire blue, surrender.
  5. Tuesday – Pink, love.
  6. Wednesday – Green, healing.
  7. Thursday – Gold, resurrection.

Your Power To Create (Part 2)

Four-session course with Dellaina and Almora.

Note: This course is only open to those that have participated in Part 1

On this next stage of Your Power to Create we look at your unique qualities and where you shine, deepening and expanding your creation process. Open to your past, present and multi-dimensional lives to enhance and ground your experience of life here and now.

  • What is my soul’s longing?
  • How do I translate that into my human experience?
  • How can my soul work in harmony with the psychology and limitations of the mind, to cultivate more joy, spontaneity and fulfilment?
  •  4 instalments of $125.00 full fee $500.00

Dates: 4 February to 17 March, 2020
Investment: 4 instalments of $125.00 full fee $500.00

Becoming the New Human (Part 2)

Star Child Star Families – Planets & Purpose

The day we will meet with our planetary family, where they will assist and share there energies and wisdom and support our soul’s purpose and growth… Pleiades, Sirians, Arcturians, Orions.
Maybe even a few others will make an appearance depending on the energies of the group created.
Expanding and aligning the Auric filed.  Transmissions for activating, expansion and integration for others.

There will be some gentle physical, mental, emotional, exercises. You will have a workbook to take away with, including exercises and teachings, for ongoing support and your daily maintenance.

Some things we will explore and expand upon;

  • Perceive and communicate more fully with the earth and higher realms
  • Expand and hold more unconditional love
  • Healing – the ability to heal and repair the body increases
  • More joy and bliss, living more peacefully with self others and the planet and all that inhabit her

Date: Sunday 01 March
Time: 0930 am – 5 30 pm
Venue: Heathcote Valley Community Centre. 45 Bridle Path Road. 8022 Christchurch.
Investment: $195.00 Early bird $175.00 paid in full by 21 February
Includes: Almora, Dellaina teaching. Manual and exercise book, all materials. Morning and afternoon tea. Delicious vegetarian lunch

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