Dear Friends,

CristoPlease meet “The Cristo Redentor “ (Christ the redeemer) Baring the golden light of Christ and love of Mary.
These crystal beings we have been waiting for at least two years and came to us while on retreat.
Within we find – Rutilated quartz (golden hair threads baring the cross)
In smoky quartz (transforming lower vibrations of fear and negativity)
With a pink crystal inside (forgiveness and unconditional love) from Mary.

The message has been very clear, about the true meaning of the crucifixion.
Which was to show humanity how to rise above the darkness of fear.
The power of love, transmitting through the fiery furnace of our hearts with unconditional love.

With the events happening around the world., It is so important to unite in the power of love and transform our own fears.
We look forward to sharing the love and light of The Cristo with you all.

Love and blessings

Dellaina, Ihaia, Almora and Sphinx