Happy new year from us all in beautiful Diamond Harbour!

Ihaia and DellainaWe hope you are all rested and had some time away relaxing with loved ones and family.
It was a world wind for us before the holidays with our big event in Auckland with Blair and Tabaash.
What a fabulous day! thank you for all those who attended and traveled up to see us.
Amazing wisdom and transmissions of energy from Almora and Tabaash.

Thank you Janine for inviting us, and for all the love and energy that you putt into this special day.

Also thank you for all those who attended our year long ‘Secrets of universal laws course’ incredible to see the changes and positive integrations in all of your lives. Ours included.
Graduation is this weekend very exciting! with people traveling as far a field as the UK in Glastonbury to be here.

For ourselves, we have just returned from ten days cruising the South pacific and a few days in a wilderness retreat in beautiful mountains, near Hunter Valley NSW Australia.
We were called to an amazing Labyrinth of rocks in the forest (Please see picture enclosed) A maze is where you go to get lost, a Labyrinth is where you go to find yourself.

Following the guidance and inspiration from this place, we are very excited to announce our next retreat will be in Kaikoura, please see events below with more information to follow.
The theme comes from the labyrinth, and the energy we will be weaving is The Lemurian Labyrinth Of Light.
I have come back from the labyrinth, with lots of fresh energy and inspiration coming through to share with you this year!

Now for our big news – We will be leaving Christchurch in 2016 !
No set date as yet, but it will probably be in the next six months. We have been called to the west coast of the north island near Auckland, and later to NSW Australia where we will now be based.

Almora will still be available for Skype calls, and we hope to visit Christchurch at least twice a year to see you all.
There will be sessions available from the House of Sound and Healing in Governors bay (thank you Eva) and the occasional event here too.
We have loved living in Diamond harbour and thank you for those of you who have travelled here on a regular basis to see us.
Yet it is time to expand and to go where we can be of service to more people.

We will be also be travelling to Europe in June to facilitate more workshops with Almora, more information will follow.
So we will be unavailable for appointments this month unless by Skype.

We look forward to continuing the journey of love and empowerment with you all, through 2016 and beyond.

Love and Blessings
Almora, Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx