Our Retreats on the Banks Peninsula

The Banks Peninsula is a special place for us for different reasons

Ihaia’s family tribes and Runanga (sub tribes) come from the Banks Peninsula koukourarata Port Levy (mother’s tribal side) and Rapaki (father’s tribal side) and he has deep spiritual and cultural roots, spanning back for many generations from these areas. They are both coastal areas on the rim of the extinct Volcanoes and have a deep family, spiritual and cultural history to him.

Dellaina had a great love of this place from the time she moved to Christchurch in 1994 and has been facilitating regular retreats, courses and workshops here since 2005.

They now live in beautiful Diamond Harbour coastal village on the Peninsula. They both met on Waitangi Day 2011 at Okains Bay Marae. This was Dellaina’s Citizenship ceremony, just before the earthquake. Ihaia was a speaker on behalf of the tribal people of the area at the Waitangi Day ceremonies. So Banks Peninsula also holds a special place in the couple’s hearts.

Here are some of the retreats they now offer here, both individually and as a couple:

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Crystals Of the Ancients

Crystal healing is an ancient and powerful art. Our earliest knowledge of this art comes from the ancient Egyptians, more than ten thousand years ago where crystals were vital components of a doctor’s healing repertoire. They were also used as protective talismans.

Legend states that Lemurian Seed Crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond, to other stars and dimensions. When you connect to a Lemurian crystal and the energy it contains, you are also connecting to this grid of associated energies from the Earth, the stars, and beyond.

On this weekend Almora and the crystal masters will awaken, activate and decode ancient energy stored within our own unconsciousness grids, that will support us on the next wonderful step of creation in our lives journey and work.

There will be meditations, activations and ancient healing arts taught and practised. You will have a chance to learn and experience this for yourself and with others, ready for the wisdom of the crystal kingdom grids. Over the next few years there will be a series of workshops and activations with the crystal ancients.

Goddess retreats – Woman only Retreats with Dellaina

The Emerging Goddess – Exploring Goddess Archetypes

This is an invitation to break from your very busy life and have some relaxing, playful, nurturing and creative time to just be! Held in nature either: overlooking the tranquil still sea, high up in the Mountains or on the brink of extinct volcanos.

The intention is relaxation, nurturing, creativity and some reflective / meditative time. Delicious, nourishing, healthy light food will be included to give the body a chance to detox and let go of stored toxins and held emotions. Each season will reflect the mood and theme of the day as the Goddess seasonal wellness days have come about to support your needs and the things you love to do as a woman.
This will help reinvigorate and help you feel rested, reconnected, and alive!

The day retreats vary but may will include:
*Sacred Goddess Ceremony *Crafts and creative exercises *Meditations *Healing musical sound bath with beautiful instruments *Nature Walks *Gentle yoga stretching *Teachings * group sharing *Creating Mandala or Mantras *Sacred Chant *Delicious nutritious food for the soul.
Past Goddess Retreats Include Seasonal retreats; Winter Goddess, Spring Goddess, Summer Goddess, Autumn Goddess.

Spirit of the Shaman Autumn Retreat

Are you ready to open to the wisdom and inspiration of the shaman within? As we move into the autumn and the trees begin to let go of their leaves, so too are we invited to release the things from the year, that are no longer part of the next part of our journey. This can be old patterns and beliefs, tensions or stress.

Other times just a journey of ‘outgrowing’ parts of ourselves, and other areas of life that are no longer part of the pathway forward. Guided by the spirit of the animal, plant, crystal, and mineral kingdoms.

This will be a weekend of entering a deep meditative state, through past life regressions, ceremony and ritual. Opening us to a heightened sensitivity, accessing the messages from the many cultures and lineages that we embody. The journey will consist of a ceremonial vision quest, drumming, chanting, meditation and craft making.


This will be a two-day workshop focusing on soul relationships and the true support and growth they bring. There has been much interest about “Soul Mates and Twin Flames” and finding that special companion. This weekend we will explore and open to this.

Is something holding us back from allowing this in our lives.
We will look at the human relationships and karmic relationships and what we have learned. We will also open ourselves to that special someone (if divinely ordained)  and move into a deeper heart space, inviting them into our lives. This will also enhance and empower current relationships that you have, and help you strengthen them. taking yourself and partner to a new level of relationship.

About The Banks Peninsula and its place in The Pacific Ring of Fire

Banks Peninsula is a peninsula of volcanic origin on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It has an area of approximately 1,150 square kilometres (440 sq mi) and encompasses two large harbours and many smaller bays and coves. It forms the most prominent volcanic feature of the South Island, the peninsula comprises the eroded remnants of two large Volcanoes.

About The Indigenous Māori of New Zealand on the Peninsula

Three successive phases of Maori tribe settlement took place on the peninsula. Waitaha were the first settlers, followed by Kāti Mamoe, and then Ngai Tahu took over in the 17th century.
In the culture of the Māori of New Zealand, a tohunga is an expert practitioner of any skill or art, either religious or otherwise. We know these in other traditions as Shaman. Tohunga include expert priests, healers, navigators, carvers, builders, teachers and advisors. A tohunga may have also been the head of a whanau but quite often was also a rangatira and an ariki. The equivalent and cognate in Hawaiian culture is kahuna.

There are many classes of tohunga including:

  • Tohunga ahurewa: highest class of priest
  • Tohunga matakite: foretellers of the future
  • Tohunga whakairo: expert carvers
  • Tohunga tātai arorangi: experts at reading the stars
  • Tohunga kōkōrangi: expert in the study of celestial bodies (astronomer)
  • Tohunga tārai waka: expert canoe builders
  • Tohunga wetereo: expert in the language (linguist)
  • Tohunga tā moko: expert in tā moko (tattooist)
  • Tohunga mahi toi: expert artist
  • Tohunga tikanga tangata: expert in the study of humans (anthropologist)
  • Tohunga o Tumatauenga: expert in weapons or war party chaplain
  • Tohunga kiato: lowest class of priest

Each tohunga was a gifted spiritual leader and possessed the natural ability of communicating between the spiritual and temporal realms through karakia (prayers), pātere (chants) or performing waiata (songs) that had been passed down to them by tohunga before them. However, their rites were mainly in the specific fields in which they practiced, as outlined above.

Banks Peninsula retreats

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