Our Retreats at Kura Tāwhiti – Castle Hill

An introduction from Almora

A heartfelt greeting and welcome my dear beloved friends. It is with great jubilation that I greet and welcome you on this wonderful journey of time and inter-dimensional travel that we will share.

We are here to show you how much more there is to who you think that you are! Our invitation this weekend is to challenge absolutely everything that you have learnt and believe. We want to take you far beyond the stars in your night sky. More importantly deep within the centre of your own heart, which is the key to all that is. All that is, is not how you interpret it to be, as there is no final destination – only a state of becoming – becoming You! We will travel deep into your own inner space/world and beyond. Your part is to be as open and receptive as possible and to find that essence of truth and trust that you are.

Our space brothers and sisters are very pleased to be a part of this experience of the shifting in consciousness. All of you have a different flavour or connection with them and a personal inter dimensional purpose for being here. Which means, that you will be working with different solar systems and realities that you are most allied and aligned too.

Date and times (approx): Friday 19 June 3pm 2020 – Sunday 21 June 3pm
Early bird fee: $595.00 (if full payment by 19 April 2020)
Full fee: $695.00

— OR —

Yes, I’m interested but have some questions.


15 + 12 =

The weekend will be a progression and expansion of all that you know and more. It will continue deep into your dream state, where actually and more importantly, much more will be achieved.
A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you, for you have been purposely called and you are not here only for your self-development, but for far bigger reasons than you may know!  As the earth continues to move and change then you are awakening to the truth of your greater universal self And you are here at this time, space reality to be part of monumental changes in your history.

With our love and encouragement every step of the way!
Our love to you,
Almora and the star people

Our Retreats – What can you expect?

Expect the unexpected! They are all different depending on the group. Season and theme. However here are some things we may do and usually include. During our retreats we usually make field visits in nature (suitable for most levels of fitness).
We spend time in Meditation, Sacred Ceremony and inner landscapes guided journeys. Sound and energy activations are also usually part of what we do.
Creative exercises, Sacred chanting. Excellent delicious healthy vegetarian food is included, on all our retreats.  As is fresh fruit and herbal teas. Some of our Recent years retreats have been:

Temples of Light Winter Solstice retreat

We visit the Ancient Temples Of light in the Higher Realms. These realms were where many of the Ancient advanced civilizations drew their knowledge from. In partnership with the star people from Orion, Sirius and The Pleiadians.

Journey Of The Mystics – Sacred Sites, Sacred Symbols and Sounds

Sacred chants are rich in high-frequency harmonics, as are sacred symbols, the keys that unlock the mysteries of the universe. What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power? We journey through these sites symbols, sounds and places. Unlocking the harmonics of our beauty, power, love and wisdom. Deepening and further enriching our lives here on this planet now.

Activation of The Twelve Dimensions Entering The Stellar Gateways – Portals of Light

Experience an energy that is designed to shift your consciousness and give you experiential knowledge of what it means to be the accelerated multidimensional being that you are. This is a unique opportunity to work with Almora and the star people through the many layers of self, in our multi dimensional universe.

Rituals of the Ancients Retreat With Almora, Star Beings

Since the dawning of time ancient civilizations have understood and utilized the universal power, and focusing and directing this power through ritual. On this weekend Almora will teach us some of these ancient rituals, and we will raise and direct this energy into our future life and spiritual work. Harnessing this power through our mind body and spirit.

The wisdom of the ancients is being revealed further. We will take this wisdom to a new level of empowerment and enlightenment. To expand our journey, personally, collectively and universally. While remembering our own ancient wisdom. The ancients will also share their knowledge, healing, love and inspiration with us. We will learn and open to the lunar and the solar energy, for ritual experiences. Our focus will be utilizing the power of silence, intention and universal power.

Our diet will be an important part of this weekend. Consisting of mainly raw and vegetarian food, which will enhance and support the energies of our experience.

Wisdom of the Ancients Retreat

The ancient masters and wise ones have always been with us, guiding and offering wisdom and support. Especially in times of crisis and shifting consciousness. Now in this time of earth and universal changes, the wisdom of the ancients is being revealed to us more than ever before.

As we awaken to our own forgotten ancient wisdom. The ancients in this human reality, beings from Orion, Sirius, Pleiades and more. Will come to share their knowledge, healing, love and inspiration with us. Empowering us so that we may fulfil our souls calling and be of service. Becoming the multi-dimensional beings that we are.

Ascension of the Masters Winter Solstice/Matariki Retreat in Castle Hill

The journey continues and expands onwards, calling us forward to align and accelerate our connection with the ancient universal power, and wisdom. On this retreat, Almora and the masters will continue to teach us tools of ancient rituals. As we journey deeper, we will be joined by light beings from Lemuria and have a special focus on the Pleiades star cluster – Matariki in Maori – signifying the beginning of the new year and time of the Matariki festival, celebrated by many of the indigenous people of this land. By harnessing this power through our mind, body and spirit, we will raise and direct this energy into our ever changing life and spiritual work

Kura Tāwhiti – Treasure from afar
Why here? Dellaina’s Experience thoughts and insights

When I first came to New Zealand in 1994, I was taken to this mysterious place by a friend.

When I sat amongst the rocks I had visions of Rapanui – Easter Island, the Great Pyramids and a vortex of swirling light. The Rocks turned into faces that then turned into beings, huge Temples and Monuments. I thought I was in a time warp, as I saw this with my naked eyes not in the realm of my imagination or inner eye!

When it was time to leave I could not find my way out, I felt trapped and very scared. I could see other people and the road below, but there seemed to be an invisible wall holding me there. I sat and turned inward and heard voices guiding me. I responded in love and realized I hadn’t given the place the respect it had deserved, asked permission to enter or stated my purpose.

I was naive and didn’t know a thing about this place, thinking I was going on a nice nature walk. Had I known I would have treated the place differently. I always endeavour to respect and appreciate nature, but there was a new level here!

There were many other people around including some rock climbers. When I internally objected about why was it ok for them to climb over sacred sites? I was told there are different laws for different states of consciousness.
Aha I see! As one that had already been teaching Metaphysics and sacred ceremony for over ten years, I should know better!

I took a large Crystal pendant from my neck and offered it with love to the land and Ancients, a gift of deep Gratitude.
I was then granted special transmissions of energy. I have communed at various times since.
Apart from two years from 2016 – 2018 where we were on other journeys around the world. We have received many teachings, and energy exchanges that have amplified ever since. Since then we have been called back and facilitated many retreats at this incredible place. I personally rate this as one of the highest energy centers in the world. Comparable to the many beautiful sites I have been to, in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

There are many beings here including the stone people. There is also a strong connection to the Pleiades star cluster. They (the Pleiades light beings) have visited us many times and shared profound wisdom, love and much more.
I am honoured to be invited back many times.
My husband Ihaia, who is Ngāi Tahu and a descendent from the Waitaha people, (Indigenous people of this land) has added his cultural wisdom and Spirit. Kura Tāwhiti, amongst other things, was known as The University Of the Stars and was a training place for the wise elders and the Tohunga – Medicine people.

Some Local Information

Hidden amongst the limestone outcrops are traces of 500-year old charcoal drawings. Tradition says these drawings were left behind by Waitaha, the first people to shelter here on their travels through this landscape.
The swift and successful absorption of Waitaha first by Ngāti Māmoe and then by Ngāi Tahu meant the opportunity to pass on the meanings and traditions associated with these ancient drawings was lost.

These later arrivals continued to place high value on this landscape and its resources. The long association with Kura Tāwhiti and the significance of the drawings have led to the tapu status of the limestone outcrops. Ngāi Tahu, whose mana now extends over this land, have the traditional responsibility for preserving these taonga.

In the Māori language Matariki is both the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also of the season of its first rising in late May or early June—taken as the beginning of the new year. The Pleiades constellation is also ancient. Matariki was a season to celebrate and to prepare the ground for the coming year. Offerings of the produce of the land were made to the gods, including Rongo, god of cultivated food. This time of the year was also a good time to instruct young people in the lore of the land and the forest.

The constellation was important for navigation and timing the seasons. The first rising of the Pleiades and of Rigel (Puanga in northern Māori, Puaka in southern Māori) occurs just prior to sunrise in late May or early June. The actual time for the celebration of Matariki varies, some iwi (tribe or clan) celebrate it immediately, others wait until the rising of the next full moon, or the dawn of the next new moon—and others use the rising of Puanga/Rigel in a similar way.

Come and join us for an inspirational, powerful and nourishing few days in the very sacred place ‘Kura Tawhiti’ (Castle Hill) Opening to this vortex of energy, that will activate and support your own alignment and insight. With the love and light that is Almora.

Kura Tāwhiti – Castle Hill retreats

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