Return from Egypt March Autumn-2018

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Dear Friends,
Well I hardly know where to start with all the news!
I realize that I didn’t manage to get the newsletter out before we left in February, so here is double the news.

What an amazing time we had in Egypt and three weeks before Astra this beautiful lemon Citrine, in Smokey quartz arrived, see the two pyramid peaks.
This is a big story of its own, as was predicted by Almora four years ago. When the fourth large Crystal arrives within our group, the final corner stone would anchor the peak to The pyramid. I didn’t understand what this meant and have been searching for this crystal ever since, as I knew it would be gold.
I gave up disheartened about two years ago.
Three weeks before we left, I got an excited call from Soul designs and Rock my world. (who had no idea we were going to Egypt and we had’t seen each other for years)
When this Crystal arrived she knew it was for us, and Almora had also visited them, and when we saw it so did we.

Of course the New chamber was discovered in the great pyramid shortly before we left. We managed to have private access here. Arriving at 4 am and were able to sound a beautiful tone together in the Queens chamber which is in front on this new chamber.
This sound clip will soon be available on our website for you to listen to. I can hear a choir behind us from unseen voices can you hear it too? We also discovered many mores secrets, that are not yet publicly known, and we all feel very privileged with this.

A ceremony and private time in Almora’s Temple of Amun-Ra, Karnak. We also met Sekhmet and had private time with her in the enclave which is not open to the public.
There was Nile cruise fun, and many other incredible experiences. For which I will write one day! We were so blessed with the 18 beautiful souls who joined us. Much more was shared and yet to be.

Ihaia and I felt so at home in Egypt, we re knewed our vows in Almora’s temple at sunrise, and are planning another trip there next year.
So if you would like to join us please register your interest, as we will be taking a smaller group this time.

We are also being called back to Kura Tawhiti after three years, it is time, and we would Love to share our time with you. The new energy of The Hathor’s that has been growing.
Enclosed images of the Hathors temple in Dendera amazing! with orbs, more pictures soon to be on the Gallery page of our website.
Our beautiful kitten Hathor has grown since we have been away. He is now starting to work and help in our temple.
A true temple cat. A short message from him. to follow, Via our dear friend Faye Rogers.
We are so grateful for this great adventure called life, and all the blessings that continue to arise in our lives.
Wow so many and all our new soul family in Egypt!
Thank you all for being a part of it.
Love and deep Gratitude Dellaina Ihaia Almora

Message From Hathor – ‘ As Sphinx I was wise and bearing, and as Hathor I am different because my energy is newer – it is like I have been on a refreshment course and the energy I bring into the present reality or the physical planes is new energy – as Sphinx I was laying down the roots of this, and as Hathor I am growing the trunks and the branches and the branches will be overloaded with beauty and purpose….There are always roots that have to be created first, and anchored in, and then the rest can follow.
The Tree is Life one does’t have to look far to find stories and legends relating to the Tree of Life – it would’t matter what country you were from, what your cultural or religious beliefs are – or if you study ancient texts – or study philosophy – or studying various cultures. The Tree of Life is captured throughout the world and this alone is interesting as it also shows the connection to all.
Archaeologists have found evidence of beliefs relating to the Tree of Life in ancient cultures of Mayan, ancient Egypt, Nordic, ancient Greece, Celtic, Native American, Asian and many other ancient cultures than I have not stated. Interesting that a culture as diverse as another culture would have teachings relating to the Tree of Life – religions that war against each other that they both have scriptures that relate to the Tree of Life……

Hathor the cat

Celtic Tree of Life relates to bridging the gap between the upper and lower worlds, the Tree’s branches reaching toward the heavens and roots cemented on earth, the Tree is the link between heaven, earth and the “other world” as the Celtic Tree of Life carries the symbolism of beauty, resurrection and immortality……that life on a Pacific Island on the youngest land form in the world Aotearoa has stories relating to Tāne Mahuta God of the Forest, separator of heaven and earth……

My words of Passage of Life holds incredibly deep meaning and relate this to yourself, these words relate to this planet but all that is of this Universe.
There are sacred Trees scattered across this planet, that hold ancient coding that is held in trust by the Trees for ascension of the planet; and why would’t the Trees capture sacred coding, when I have already stated the Tree of Life relates to sacred geometry and all I have shared relates to Passage of Life.”)

If all that come together with the same common purpose, and their reasons are heart-held then they will create portals and the portals can create light and this will happen regardless of date….We must not be confused on only viewing portals as captured in the energetic landscape as portals can be created even above you, even created in front of you….A portal is an opening and the opening can be to something brighter, and if some that come together are there for the same heart reasons then portals will open for each and every one of them.’