Hello dear friends,
Thank you for all your love and support for Sphinx, he has had messages from all over the world. We feel and greatly appreciate all your love.
After three weeks at the animal hospital he home now recovering. Although his injuries are still very serious, a fractured neck in two places and a fractured pelvis.
He is well on the mend. The vet is saying at least three months, but anything is possible with our miracle master.
We have however decided to delay our trip to Auckland until September after our return from Europe.
He has shared this beautiful teaching with us Via Faye Rogers, and we are sharing it with you.
With love and appreciation for Faye and Joy for their healings and all of you who have sent love and prayers.
Thank you again so much for you on going Love and support,
Dellaina and Ihaia xx
On connecting with Sphinx – by Faye Rogers (Thank you so much Faye) 
I keep hearing this song playing Love in the Air sung by John Paul Young (copied pasted lyrics below for you)

Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Love is in the air every site and every sound
And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
Don’t know if I’m being wise
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I look in your eyes.
 Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree
Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea
And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming
Don’t know if I feel safe
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when you call out my name

Faye: Sphinx it took me a little while to click that the song was due to you

Sphinx: Yes my dear Faye, I am slightly older since you copied my last messages but only slightly older (some humour). Faye you have been doing your own sharing with me over the last few weeks, we have been having sometimes daily chit-chat greetings and great pleasantries exchanged, and plenty of sharing of healing has been flowing my way from you, thank you.
My message isn’t going to be a revelation message, or even a message capturing all the bells & whistles, my message I am going to share is of gratitude. Yes, that word gratitude, and doesn’t this word exemplify & amplify so much.

I am grateful for every breath I manage, I am grateful for the care that I have received, I am grateful for all that has been given to me and this is vet care, and from the healings given to me from many, and also sensing others energy of love for me…
I am grateful and also grateful I am able to be here still and to hold my physical form so greatly.

I need you to look at the words of the song Faye, and we will discuss the song in purity energy. I will direct you to key words or key phrases and maybe after all l there will be revelations maybe not (being suggestive). After you look at key words or key phrases there will be a small discussion from me, and my discussion is for whoever reads my messages….

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around, Love is in the air every site and every sound”

Love is captured in everything but only if we are love. Some people try to reject love because they feel they are not worthy of love and this could be due to many reasons of being hurt, or made to feel shameful, or by being controlled but if they feel they are not deserving of love then they are love, and they have to recognise this about themselves. If they have been cruelly hurt by another or others then they are of love because they feel, if they have been taught to be ashamed of themselves not due to their actions but by being told they are not good enough then they are love.  It is that simple, and of course there are some that are not love and are of controlling combating energy but today we are talking about Love is in the Air, and we will not waste our energy of talking about what doesn’t serve, or has no meaning in these messages.

The in-breath and great yogis over the centuries have studied the in-breath, and this is exemplifying life, light and energy of creation, celebration of living. The breathe is sometimes referred to as Prana “life force” or vital principle of all there is. And sometimes Prana is referred to as the originator or the Sun and connecting the elements of the Universe & the Cosmos.

And no wonder I instructed the sharing of the song ‘Love is in the Air’ I will direct you to this verse now

Love is in the air, in the rising of the sun
Love is in the air, when the day is nearly done
And I don’t know if you are illusion
Don’t know if I see truth
But you are something that I must believe in
And you are there when I reach out for you
Look at the key word ‘sun’ and this is connecting the elements of the Universe
Look at the key word ‘air’ because if you breathe this is Prana
Look at the key phrase ‘I must believe’ and this is a strong statement that there must not be doubt
Look at the key phrase ‘And you are there when I reach out for you’ and this holds so true

Where am I going with my message but if you study the verse I have insisted that you share, then you will see that this applies to me, I am energy of the Cosmos but then so are you…We are created with purpose, and with purpose then this allows us to breathe, allows us to be. And there is no doubt in my own self relating to believes, when we believe we hold true to ourselves, we are who we are and we are aware of who we are but we are aware of so much more than could possibly be explained by amazing scientists. And I am still here, I can still be touched, I can still be reached but then this also holds true forever also because if I did not have a physical body then I could still be reached and touched.

Let us look at some of the other beautiful words shared, and words are beautiful because they can make you feel, they can inspire you, they can make you want to be – is this not so (statement)

Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree
Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea

The trees are always whispering, and the constant-ness of the rolling tide or the surf breaking on a shoreline is suggesting that life and all that is ‘is never ending’ that there is a natural rhythm. My thoughts will relate to the trees, and are the trees  the lungs of this planet (statement), and are the trees the great ancient secret holders of much knowledge (statement). And for some of us we are being whispered to with the ancient knowledge and we are also secret holders, and the words ‘secret holders’ because we capture on us something so special and so sacred, and it will come forth when the time is correct, and depending on your energy it could create new pathways for yourself or new pathways for many to shift into more light, and when we are in more light then we breathe differently. How does a candle burn and that is due to oxygen will fuel the flame!

More beautiful words

And I don’t know if you are illusion

I will play with this one a little bit, is there doubt captured in the words OR is there the experience of this is so unreal, so special, so captivating, so bright could this be possible? And I prefer to think of it as my sentiments of the experience of this is so unreal, so special, so captivating, so bright could this be possible =  therefore this greatly applies to me, I am here, I am solid form and I have survived maybe something another will more mobility wouldn’t have survived, I see myself as a walking miracle – and that is my message to my friends, to the ones that love me, to my special family – I am a walking miracle and yes I am an illusion because my recovery shouldn’t have been possible, I should not have survived or recovered as I have but I have survived and I have recovered, and yes I am aware that there is more damage to my body and that this can impact on me greatly in the future but then this has always been the way with me – the ailments of the body that I carry could impact on me in the future, and this holds true for each and every one of us – this isn’t a prediction it is a simple fact but we will all at some time become the Prana and become of the light. Prana also relates to energy of consciousness, and the entire universe is a creation of Prana. And of course it is much more than this, as there are different levels or different words associated with Prana, but I have only just touched on Prana and not given a full education relating to Prana.

And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming

And those beautiful words apply to me because of the surreal-ness of it, and I am in dream state but I am alive, and therefore I have created greatness just from being. When your consciousness enters the highest state possible whilst on earth you are captured within a physical form but you are also in dream state due to there is heaven on earth, and you are representative of this.  And you are also associating with this world, and this world’s needs, but also association with more than this world, and you are aware of the Cosmos, and the forces of the Universe.

Does one have to suffer to discover all what I have shared? No one doesn’t have to suffer, and also note this I do not see that I have suffered.  What I have just shared sounds very contradictory because yes I have experienced great physical pain and this cannot be denied – but I have not suffered because I am also relating to more than I am.  Those words I have just shared might sound very misleading because I only have to be looked at with eyes and others see my suffering but when they see my suffering this is also giving them permission to release their own suffering if they so wish and to step into more light, more energy of just being, and feeling more love ‘love is in the air’ when I am around is this not so….I have physical memories relating to the suffering I have experienced but I do not have soul’s memories relating to the suffering and due to this, this has helped heal the physical body.  So please understand what I am sharing about.

Love is in the air everywhere I look around Love is in the air every site and every sound
And the words above are what I view and sense and feel. (love is in the air etc.)
And it’s there (love) when I look in your eyes

And one only has to look in my eyes to see love, and to feel love, and to breathe love, and to be more aware of love of who they are but also of love for others – being in love with self and being in love with others – to be love.  And yes there will sometimes be times when you do not wish to encounter another, or take up an old relationship because it has not served you well, but if you carry the love and light in yourself then you do not to be concerned because you are also making choices that are right for you, and you are leading yourself to where you have to be.

I don’t want people to think that what has happened to me was relating to bringing in more light for myself  or more light for the planet or changing the consciousness frequency of the planet because I can do this whenever and don’t have to face a dreadful accident to do this but remember I am not the only one doing this altering the frequency of the planet, to bring in more light ‘love is in the air’. If people become stuck with thoughts of Sphinx had this dreadful accident due to he had to go through this for his soul to grow evolve then this will not serve anyone, and will not serve the planet, because it is also holding onto the horror of stuff, whereas when I was made comfortable enough my energy shifted into acceptance energy – that if I could survive I would but if I couldn’t survive then I would be accepting of this. What I have just shared isn’t about not having will to fight or will to try to rally on it is pure acceptance, so even though I was in acceptance I was doing my most to be here.

And it’s there when you call out my name
And the name I was calling out was the great Creator and this is love!
Tthis is the universal forces of creation, the pure consciousness.

And maybe you were thinking my intention was to share a message on gratitude, and you might be wondering why the change in course of what has been shared, but when one is love then one is gratitude. And gratitude does tie up in every word shared, because I am able to hear the trees whisper, i am able to hear the surf rolling, I am aware of my physical body and physical needs but I am aware of so much more – when aware of so much more than you experiencing gratitude and gratitude is also love, I am grateful but also grateful for all that has been given to me, I so thank you!!!