Winter News New Zealand 2017

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Greetings on the Eve of the Solar Eclipse!

We have just returned from our two months journey to the UK and Jersey and by the looks of it, brought back the cleansing rain. There were many strange weather patterns on our journey being summer in the Northern hemisphere. Flash floods despite being summer there, I am reminded of the continual changes our environment is experiencing.

So much has happened during our journey.

I said to spirit about six months ago ‘ Please send me where I can be of most service/use to you’ and I was certainly given what I asked for.¬†There was many wonderful times, I so love my work and especially meeting new people in person and at our workshops, experiencing Almora for the first time. That spark of love and knowing, remembering that Divine presence within.

First stop was to Avalon Glastonbury and to The ancient Magdalene chapel in Avalon built in 1070’s, where we activated more ‘Portals of Light’ with the Masters.

Following on from Anchoring the Golden Light of Christ last year.

What a gift I wondered.. over the thousand years or more that this site has been used as a sacred place or prayer and worship. What we and the group’s participation have added to this incredible place.

Then off to Jersey.
It was especially beautiful being hosted at Feathers Healing in Jersey, in their beautiful home and healing space. The Yurt is in the Jersey countryside. The home and center is across from La Hogue Bie, sacred site. A little on this, courtesy of Wikipedia..worth mentioning as it is one of the largest and most preserved.

La Hougue Bie is a Neolithic ritual site which was in use around 3500 BC. In Western Europe, it is one of the largest and best preserved passage graves and the most impressive and best preserved monument of Armorican

Passage Grave group. Although they are termed “passage graves”, they were ceremonial sites, whose function was more similar to churches or cathedrals, where burials were incidental. Since the excavations and restoration of the original entrance of the passage observations from inside the tomb at sunrise on the spring and autumn equinox have revealed that the orientation of the passage allows the sun’s rays to shine through to the chamber entering the back recess of the terminal cell. Although many passage graves showed evidence of continued activity into the Late Neolithic period, La Hougue Bie was abandoned before that time.

We were then invited and facilitated a beautiful hand fasting, at Stonehenge for our friends Rauel and Annwyn. Congratulations you two! We felt the power and the beauty, despite the many tourists that decided we were part of the attractions and bombarded us with their recording materials!

Bright news!! We have a new family member please meet Taki and she is 6 week pregnant! We are very excited to be parents grandparents to our beautiful new furry friends. More news on her to follow.!

I will be taking a few months to retreat settling home, with kittens, before preparing for the next upcoming events, which we will advise you of as soon as they have been finalized.


Oops spoke too soon new events up on the website please see our Events page.
Kaikoura Event and tour to Egypt.

Meanwhile Dellaina an Almora are again available for personal consultations. Keep warm and enjoy the spring energy which is about to ignite!
Much love and blessings
The Almora team