Welcome to the end of winter we have been in retreat since our return from Europe, so thought it was time to send an update as so much has changed!We were told to expect some huge changes and our trip to Europe was the most fulling yet. We had a wonderful Anchoring the Golden Flame – the Divine Masculine and Feminine Meditation empowerment evening. We have since been advised of some beautiful energy alignments occurring there from our friends in Glastonbury. magdelen-chapelHeld in Avalon at the Mary Magdalene chapel with Almora and a beautiful group that gathered. Thank you Anna For your amazing work that brought so many together.

Then to Jersey for three events.

Almora did an evening on world and earth changes called ‘Gebo’ the gift, the next day Britain withdrew from EUPowertocreategroup. Almora then brought ‘ Your power to Create’ updated version! and Ihaia facilitated a beautiful shamanic workshop, teaching from his ancient wisdom.

The Yurt was so full, of eager souls grounding new earth energies,we were so busy that we ran out of time, to do all that we would have wished and there were still meaning asking for our support.

Thank you Carol form feathers healing for hosting us in your beautiful healing space. Suki Chatal for all your support with bookings and love.
Maria Barnicote for having us in your home.
ihaiashamanFriends that came form overseas, and to all our Jersey family to many to name. You know who you are! heartfelt thank you. X

As a result, of this amazing trip we are planning to go to Europe for quite some time in the

future, where we are awaiting guidance! so we will stay for now in Christchurch until it is all in place. Eva Mason has kindly agreed to host us for a light workers healing/Peace mediation at her beautiful home in Governors bay. We would so love it if you could join us.shamangroupbest

The meditation is on the 9 September, the 9 month 2016 in numerology added up comes to nine, the number of completion. We would Love it if you would join us.

On 9/9/9  bring a candle and be as ONE.
The House of Sound and Healing
851 Governors bay
730 pm prompt start please arrive by 7 15 pm
Friday 9 September 2016
Please email for further details.

Sphinx Update

Following our return from Europe it was with deep sadness that our beloved friend, sphinxcompanion, master and ray of light Sphinx. Departed back to spirit peaceful on Friday the 12 August at the closing of the lions gate portal.He touched the lives of so many people who met him not only because of his striking beauty, but also by his ability to look deep into ones soul through his eyes and send pure love and compassion despite his own suffering. What a beautiful gift he has been! We are so grateful to have had Faye Rogers the amazing teacher, and messenger of Sphinx messages and many other beautiful animals. I will include some of his messages that we received.from Faye on the 19 August in the Sphinx section further down the page.
One of Sphinx strong messages is about light workers coming together, and so with great excitement, we will be heading to Auckland in October to co -facilitate;
‘The four pillars of light’ weekend with Annwyn and Rauel and ‘The bridges Of Light Evening’ of alignment and empowerment with Almora, Sphinx and the galactic councils of light. Dellaina and Almora will be also be available for appointments in Auckland from the week of 1 November 2016.

Sphinx Messages

“I came to be healed and I came also to heal and what I came to heal was many…. and many also relates to planet earth and the consciousness of earth as my star planet’s consciousness is supportive of earth. If you see my energy as only one, then you are mistaken because through me many work and this is due to the alignment of energy of the consciousness that I have originated graduated from.

“So all beings that I am aligned with energetically on this consciousness scale I bear them / I hear them / I work with them / I Honor them / I love them and I represent them in all my endeavours [emotions for I bear them: help hold their energy].”

The destruction to my beautiful physical body was immense and there was old old memories stored in the cellular not just relating to the cellular physical body but the cellular consciousness that was in turn aligned with the star consciousness of my planet and through being so treasured so loved so cared for as Sphinx cat my energy healed and this allowed for healing for others.

And as I have suggested others are not just the ones that I might meet in person as others can be on a much grandeur scale then could ever be imagined – it is that simple.  The physical destruction I am speaking of also relates to my genetic DNA so my words are not to do with an accident that happened as the words mean more than this.

There are many different Galactic Councils associated with the ‘light of higher consciousness’ and each Council will have special souls or persona’s connected and working with the Council for achievements…. And then there is a Governing Galactic Council of the Light that oversees all the Councils of Light.  My energy is attached to one of the Councils of Light, but my energy is also attached to the Governing Galactic Council of Light – it is that simple and it might seem preposterous that I a mere cat could be this Master Being but it is only preposterous if you only see me as a cat with a weak body and if you cannot view who I truly am.

The higher purpose is one of fulfillment on many different levels of magnitude.  WE ARE ONE. 

Thank you Faye Rogers for your love, giving service and humbleness. We love you x

Thank you all beautiful people for sharing this amazing journey with us.
May your light keep shining, and your heart keep loving.

Love and blessings,
Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx (still guiding and loving us in spirit)